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Maintain a rich and dynamic presence on social media through strategically observing conversations and engaging users.

Bimpra Digital can help you stay connected with your target audience on all relevant social media channels. We will minutely monitor and identify the people who would like to interact with your brand and make sure that all the communication channels are constantly flowing with two-way conversations so that people remember you when they need your business, and not just remember you, but also can place their faith in you.

Social media outreach is very unique for every business because your audience is unique. When we start formulating your social media marketing strategy we will closely understand the dynamics of your friends, followers and visitors and then implement a content strategy accordingly.

Through our unique manual as well as tool-based tracking we will observe when and where people are talking about your brand and how to respond in the best possible manner. We will also place your brand in the most suitable social media channels to derive maximum response for your business. Through ongoing social media marketing auditing, competitive analysis and tailored strategies we will help your business take optimal advantage of the highly interconnected world.

Brand Monitoring

We will help you track all the conversations about your brand on social media and build a strategy to respond for maximum traction.

Social Media Contests

Organizing contests is a great way of generating and maintaining positive buzz on social media. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, we can come up with creative and engaging contests that will entice thousands of people to your profile.

Social Media Management

Managing multiple social media accounts, especially business accounts where all the updates and interactions need to be approachable as well as professional, is a challenging task. We have experienced and adept people to manage your social media accounts.

Setup & Custom Profile Design

We can help you create highly attractive social media profiles that truly represent your brand image. Whether you want to seem wacky, professional, amiable or trendy, we can create for you a social media profile that will totally sync with the outlook of your audience.


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