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The success of your online presence in general and website in particular, solely depends on constant, qualified analysis and auditing.

Complete company analysis

Complete online presence analysis – How is your overall online presence performing? Is your website up to the mark? Is it easier to find relevant information on your website? Is your copy convincing? How are you positioned vis-à-vis your competitors?

Your website and your online presence will give its best only when all the roadblocks are removed. These roadblocks may exist in the form of a badly designed website, misplaced optimization or a missing SEO or a lacklustre or aimless social media presence. You may also be spending a ton of money on PPC campaigns that are not optimized for better performance. Online analysis and auditing is an integral part of running a business on Internet.

Effective Web Development Solutions

Through manual and automated monitoring we will keep a close watch on your key performance indicators. Using the most advanced web analytics tools, website analysis methodologies and our own in-house techniques, we will carry out a comprehensive analysis of your website and your entire sales funnel. We can tell you from where most of your visitors come to your website and what makes them leave without doing business with you. We can check your online advertisements and marketing campaigns and let you know why your marketing is underperforming. We don't just let you know what is the problem, we also offer you solutions to reverse the negative trends.

Ongoing performance strategy

Ongoing performance analysis – Someone needs to constantly keep a finger on the pulse of your website and monitor its performance round the clock. This is because your competitors are constantly trying to outsmart you. They might be sucking away all the visitors that your website should be getting. When you work with us, every aspect of your online presence begins to improve.

Projects optimizing behavior

Project optimization behaviour – How is your new website or the new marketing campaign going to perform? Through our advanced analytics, you can know this in advance and tweak your online projects accordingly.

Effective Web Development Solutions

We can put in place a performance optimization mechanism that may help you automate most of the auditing process and give you daily or weekly reports on how well your website is performing and how much leads and business your various online marketing campaigns are generating. But automation works mostly for extracting raw data. To interpret the data, you need human intervention and this is where our expertise can contribute. We can analyse data from the perspective of your search engine rankings, your source code and your content and then carry out changes accordingly. By the time we are through with our analysis and auditing services, you will be familiar with how people react and perform throughout your sales funnel, like the back of your hand.


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